TNIThen he proudly displayed his first email address on his business card. Always curious with technology. I still remember his article series, discussing the aspects of electronic war. And the nights we spent to discuss philosophical cases. And his old typewriter (AZERTY, not QWERTY), that he at last left for the wordprocessor in his computers. He loves playing with typefaces. But over all: the quality of the text itself.

His letters, his diaries (where are those?), has disabled me to stop writing. These blogs are his fault :).

Eh, happy birthday, Dad. Five years you had left us; just about a week after the card with the email address. Hahah, it’s not like five years. You still come to my dreams, and we still discuss those paradoxes. Hahah. You used to be proud of your student — the current president of the republic. Five years ago you came in hurry from Pekanbaru only to vote for him. Sigh, I still cannot find a reason to share the proudness  :(.

Btw, I love you. And proud of you.