You may have a mail with KUNCORO.COM domain. The service is free forever, with certain terms & conditions as follows.

Term and Condition

  1. The services involved are using Google Apps free service. The scope of the services etc are defined by Google.
  2. You — the user — have to make sure you’re allowed to use Google Apps.
  3. The service is free as long as
    • I still have a control of the domain KUNCORO.COM
    • Google keeps providing these services free.
  4. You must have an affiliation to the name Kuncoro. It could be your first name, second name, family name, father’s name, husband’s name, boyfriend’s name, etc.
  5. You may choose any name@KUNCORO.COM address. It is a first-come first-served service. Anyway, I may suggest you to choose another name that I feel more appropriate.
  6. If you share the name Kuncoro as your family name or last name, you may request the mail address for your family as well. Having 10 siblings and 10 children? It’s OK 🙂
  7. Usually I don’t bother to check your identity. But I reserve my right to ask you the evidence of the affiliation mentioned at no 4.
  8. Don’t use the mail for activities infringing the law and ethics.
  9. I will do the best to keep the service alive. But I cannot guarantee anything. And I keep the right to terminate the service, either for individual account or to all account, without having to explain anything.
  10. I offer and provide no more service (service guide, repairing, password lost, etc). But if I have spare time, I may help a bit.

Just sent your request on the form below, or send your request to KUNCORO at KUNCORO.COM.

To access the mail service, click here: MAIL.KUNCORO.COM