Month: November 2023


A short visit doday to Bunda Heart Centre in the central part of Jakarta to discuss some inexplicable discomfort in my internal circulation — a part of internal supply chain strategic operation.

Playing with the electronic devices, I was reminded to my jokes on the complexity theory in my past lecture in Udayana University, when I jokingly asked that if I got a heart seizure on the very time, I didn’t think any people might help me in that room, even when they know that heart is composed by cells composed by molecules composed by atoms composed by protons and electrons etc, and the room was full with experts in electrons and protons.

Well, I will not tell you the result here. Not here, for sure.

IEEE Lecture at Udayana University

As a part of the IEEE Indonesia Excom & Adcom coordinative meeting in Bali, we also visit Udayana University, to see the Advanced Research Laboratories, and also to carry out some sharing session to the academician and students.

Surely, first we had to meet the famous Prof Linawati, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Udayana University. With Prof Lina, we established the IEEE Udayana University Student Branch 10 years ago, in my serving time as the Chairman of the IEEE Indonesia Section at that time, after a discussion at Fortech in Bandung.

This is a weekend lecture, so I just briefly discussed about the development of digital platforms as the core in current technology and business ecosystems.

And surely I spent a couple minutes to — again — make an introduction to the Complexity Theory. It’s always fun to tell people about this attractive thing. You can read more about this at the other part of this blog: [URL]

Indonesian Solidarity for Palestine

Our solidarity for Palestine is unquestionable. Our commitment for freedom, sovereignty, peace, and justice for Palestinian started decades ago after learning the apparent injustice that we naively expected to fade, aligned with the advancement of science, information, global partnership, etc etc. We were obviously wrong: the colonialism, injustice, inhumanity, crimes agains humanity etc are still here, leading the so-called civilised world.

With about a million people of Jakarta today, we attended a solidarity mob to show our commitment and solidarity for Palestine and Palestinian people. We delegitimate the existence of illegal criminal zionist entity currently occupying Palestine.

Like our founding father of Indonesia, we understand that the Palestinian people love peace, but they must fight for their freedom, dignity, and humanity. We must also fight the global misinformation and misleading discourses.

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