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World Keffiyeh Day

For anyone with common sense, siding with Palestine is something too obvious and unquestionable. For humanity, for justice, for freedom.

Indonesian Solidarity for Palestine

Our solidarity for Palestine is unquestionable. Our commitment for freedom, sovereignty, peace, and justice for Palestinian started decades ago after learning the apparent injustice that we naively expected to fade, aligned with the advancement of science, information, global partnership, etc etc. We were obviously wrong: the colonialism, injustice, inhumanity, crimes agains humanity etc are still here, leading the so-called civilised world.

With about a million people of Jakarta today, we attended a solidarity mob to show our commitment and solidarity for Palestine and Palestinian people. We delegitimate the existence of illegal criminal zionist entity currently occupying Palestine.

Like our founding father of Indonesia, we understand that the Palestinian people love peace, but they must fight for their freedom, dignity, and humanity. We must also fight the global misinformation and misleading discourses.

World Keffiyeh Day

World Keffiyeh Day is the time for us to show our never-ending support for Palestine.

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