Any Question?

Just yesterday my fellows bloggers/tweeters introduced me to an interesting site: Well, it’s a long holiday, so I gave it a try. Quite funny. Here in Indonesia we have a significant number of bloggers, tweeters, Facebook users, and other intensively-connected social networkers. I guess it will take only days for Indonesians to grab and use this service — cuz we have had the network! Finding friends etc is not a problem.

Here’s my account: If you know me personally, you would know that I always reluctant to answer personal questions. But with, I feel it is obligatory to answer all questions. So far. Until I’m bored, I guess :). So, while I have no FAQ here, you may ask me questions there. You must signup, login, but you can make an anonymous questions then. I only accept questions from logged users just to avoid spams. itself is a new service provided by FormSpring. It is a service offering forms management for web sites.

A fellow, Wibi, said he was exploring the site. I asked if he found anything interesting. And he just gave me these links:

A question for social networking observers: will last long enough?

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